Manufactures European Linen Fabric, Printed Linen fabric & Yarn-Dyed Linen.

We make fine linen fabrics which are yarn-dyed, solid-dyed or printed in our fully composite state of the art mill

Yarn Twisting

  • In addition to improving the strength of a yarn, twisting makes it possible to produce a variety of yarns.
  • At kottex, we have the latest machinery to produce a variety of fancy yarns by blending fibers of different colors and spinning them as one yarn.
  • We can also twist together two or more yarns which vary in color, softness, and thickness.
  • The fancy yarns produced at our yarn twisting unit gives color and texture that can be very embellishing.
  • The amount and direction of twist may be altered to create the desired effect.
  • These fancy twisted yarns can be widely used for manufacturing upholstery and home furnishing fabrics.

Yarn Dyeing

  • Kottex has been in the business of Natural and Manmade yarn-dyed linen for quite a long time.
  • Since quality dyeing forms an integral part of any fabric, Kottex owns a fully integrated yarn dyeing plant with 21 solid dyeing machines and 2 space dyeing machines.
  • Space dyeing involves dyeing of yarn with multiple colors and the exceptional space dyeing machines at kottex can dye up to 8 shades of color on a single thread of yarn.
  • This fully automated plant produces 180 tons yarn-dyed linen every month in 800 different shades, which is something we are really gratified of.
  • Dyeing quality is supervised by our team coming with technical expertise and also by the selection of excellent quality dyes that are Azo free and Eco-friendly in nature.
  • Adding to the benefits, the unit adopts stringent practices to protect our green environment with the installation of RO plant that treats the wastewater before it discharges.


  • Pre-process to weaving where the entire warp yarn is wrapped around the warping beam to facilitate the drafting and denting process.
  • The main aim of the warping process is to convert the yarn packages into warper’s beam having a dynamic width and a requisite number of ends.
  • Kottex uses warping to make sure various yarn faults like the thick and thin place, larger knots are modified. Warping accelerates the next sizing process.
  • Better warping results in better weaving. It increases the weavability and quality of yarn and also increases the production and dynamizes all the succeeding processes. Hence the underhand of a good quality of weaving is Warping.

Handloom Weaving

  • It is our responsibility to preserve the fading art of handloom weaving that is quickly being replaced by technological advancements.
  • To contribute to this fading culture, we have persevered our historical ties with local artisans by setting up our own handloom weaving centers for sample production.
  • We have hired a team of extremely skilled handloom weavers that prepare a 36-inch sample for our clients to give them an idea of the final product.
  • We empower and train these artisans to help them discover new niches and make their product more competitive in the global market.
  • We closely monitor the entire process as well as the quality of the sample product.


  • Kottex Industries Pvt Ltd's weaving unit is equipped with machinery imported from Germany.
  • High-quality yarn from our spinning unit is converted into an excellent quality fabric with cutting-edge technology.
  • The weaving division is equipped with over 150 weaving looms, Seven Indian manufactured warping machines and a sizer imported from Germany.
  • Our vertical infrastructure takes utmost control and care of our weaving processes and the units offer all variants of weaving designs including Plain, Twill, Satin and complex Dobby patterns.
  • Equipped with 2 sampling warpers the weaving team is capable of handling the most difficult fabrics with ease.
  • Our preparatory series of machines are customized to offer unique product quality that we are known for.


  • The woven piece of fabric removed from the loom is raw and thready in appearance, flat in color and coarse to the handle.
  • The raw piece of fabric is passed to the mending department to give an appropriate finish.
  • The fabric is first closely scrutinized for faults and blemishes by our team of forty skilled workers from East India.
  • There are chances that due to breakage some lengths of yarn may go missing from the fabric.
  • These missing lengths of yarn are corrected by our workers that are exceptionally skilled in weave interlacing.
  • Also, the thick spots that sometimes appear on the fabric after weaving due to yarn knotting are carefully handled by our highly professional team.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality is our backbone and it is the result of ceaseless innovation through steadfast research and development.
  • We have a full-fledged quality control department for each division where the quality of raw materials, as well as end product, is tested.
  • Our products are benchmarked to international quality standards and are the trademark of consistency and value.
  • We have state of the art testing laboratories equipped with the latest technology and are staffed with highly qualified and experienced technicians enabling us to meet utmost client satisfaction.
  • We inspect every inch of yarn or fabric produced at our facilities right after each process for quality before dispatch.
  • This is the reason behind our products doing well in the domestic as well as in the international market.


  • Backed by advanced technology and a team of highly experienced & skilled designers, we offer our clients high-quality digital printed linen fabric & printing services.
  • With more and more progress in the field of digital textile printing, many complex patterns and colors can now be instantly printed on the linen fabric.
  • We at kottex, understand the tastes and trends of diverse retailer segments and the growing needs of many different clients.
  • Our quality colors & customizable designs help us to stand apart from our adversaries.
  • We provide exceptional quality solutions for all your creative needs with a set of profoundly qualified professionals and state of art digital printing infrastructure.
  • With a capacity to do digital printing of over six million meters per day, Kottex is one of the leading printed linen fabric suppliers of south Gujarat.