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Speciality Manmade Yarn

  • We made fabric which is thermos-regulating, Non-allergenic, antistatic and antibacterial from linen and cotton yarns.
  • Linen and cotton yarns are mostly warped or knitted. When people knit yarns by their own, called manmade yarns.
  • The last finishing is done by our people, they check every yarn and if any thread is remaining, they do knitting and make perfect on their own.
  • Manmade yarns have more strength then machine yarns, it is elegant to watch and looks traditional.
  • These yarns are grade into different sizes and used in braiding, weaving, and knitting of fabric. It is used in industrial products, garments such as scarves, shirts and home furnishings such as upholstery, carpets, and drapes.







Million Meter Yearly Production

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